Anderson, Indiana

Transfer AU

For students under the liberal arts curriculum in the 2015-17 catalog or later.

The information on this page is not an exhaustive list of classes transferable to AU.

If you do not see an institution listed, check periodically. Other institutions will be added in the future.

These courses are applicable to liberal arts requirements beginning with the 2015-17 catalog. Courses that are to be applied to major or minor requirements must have the permission of the department chair.

Courses with a LAFS or LAWK equivalent at AU meet specific liberal arts requirements under the curriculum beginning Fall 2015, but do not directly translate to an AU numbered course.

Any course with an external course number like 101+101L is not a single transfer course. These represent cases where two or more transfer courses must be completed together to equate to an AU course. Example: CHE 101+101L where CHE 101 Intro to Chem and CHE 101L Intro to Chem Lab must both transfer successfully to equal AU CHEM 1000.

If you see a number like 110+ADDL, this means that there are possible courses required in addition to 110. See the external course description for more details.

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